Dr. Steven Moore, DDS Founder

I am a general dentist currently practicing in Jamaica, one of three jurisdictions I have practiced in since leaving dental school in 2015. Before attending dental school at the University of the West Indies St Augustine, I thought I had a pretty solid understanding of how best to care for my pearly whites, but to my surprise, I hadn’t the slightest clue. To my relief however, I realized I was not alone.

As I grew into the profession, completing dental school and practicing in both the private and public sector it truly dawned on me that many persons, old and young, rich and poor, educated and uneducated really focused very little attention on their oral hygiene and usually visited the dentist when it was far too late for us to help. After having to inform a 17 year old girl that just about all her remaining teeth, which weren’t many to begin with, needed to be extracted it further compelled me to make a more concerted effort to reach the public.

In January 2019 after much deliberation and consulting with fellow clinicians, I conceptualized The Dental Blog with the sole purpose of providing the general public with accurate and easy to follow information to help them on their journey to improved oral health.